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Savvy collegiate, Lexie Wiggins’ curiosity plunges those she loves into the mystical Everglades where she must overcome ancient native Indian challenges in order to restore the material world.

While on college break celebrating Thanksgiving with her family and boyfriend, Lexie excitedly discovers a jeweled artifact worth millions of dollars. She carelessly mishandles the treasure’s powers, thereby unleashing a long-forgotten Seminole curse. Ill-prepared to deal with supernatural forces, her forever-loyal boyfriend, Lance, fails to save the day.

Relying on nothing more than her guardian sight, she embarks on a long, impossible journey into the Everglades full of devious spirits, sea serpents, and witchery. Temptation tests Lexie’s love for Lance as she puts his life at risk, unless she musters her warrior spirit.

Thriller Suspense

Anatolia, amateur treasure hunter, sailed the Caribbean until her sailboat was confiscated during a planetary shift, leaving her to protect her injured younger sister. Anatolia discovers a jeweled nautilus which she plans to sell to help her ailing sister. The sisters escape their captors and are rescued by teen sailors who are plagued by a curse against treasure hunters. 

Meanwhile, mermaids are outraged at the theft of their jeweled nautilus and set out to destroy Anatolia unless she returns it before the full moon. The romantic lure of a dangerous ex-love controls her thinking. Not respecting the power of Caribbean magic, she tries to manipulate them all to her advantage until she finally realizes she is the problem and she must make restitution to the sea, before all those she loves are lost.

Romance and swash-buckle are brewed with supernatural adventure that delivers twists and turns to the bitter end.

Fiction Writer Guide

Romance Writers Win by planning for publication before completing the first draft of a highly anticipated novel. Begin by establishing where you will end. Prepare yourself by understanding the market trends, meeting the romance industry’s expectations and developing divine characters. 

Romance Writers Win demonstrates how to create dynamite titles and memorable characters. It covers plotting and defines disparate damsels. You’ll discover what not to do and how to make your heroes gleam. Finalize your publication plans by understanding how to go about selling your book.

Fiction Writer Guide

With Write Gritty Villains, enter my world of evaluating personality quirks for fiction that surface when the antagonist is under pressure. Years of investigating gives me an inside scoop on intriguing motivations and outrageous behavior. 

Find inspiration for creating a villain your readers will remember. Explore ways a villain justifies his actions. Follow easy to recognize examples of personalities based on celebrity and criminal public images. 

Now is the time to create that mastermind villain with Write Gritty Villains.

Fiction Writer Guide

Whether you have an agent rallying for your rights, you speak for yourself, or you have already entered into a contract, it’s wise to understand how the terms impact your writing path. Conquer Contracts outlines the standard terms. 

Legal jargon is explained with clear words. Examples of how the language can create unexpected outcomes for both the publisher and the author are included. Conquer Contracts lays out the methods for authors to make money and shares ideas on how to protect rights. 

It includes explanations about – Registering Copyrights, Payment of Royalties, Receiving an Advance, Author’s Costs, Bonuses and Discounts, Manuscript Submission, Working with Editors, Manuscript Revisions, and Reasons for Termination.

What do you want in a publishing contract? 


Jan Wilder Bill’s publications include documentary scripts, elements of fantasy, writer’s tips, travel reviews, and healing the planet. Her artistic accomplishments grace newspapers and magazines. She speaks at legal and writers’ conferences, and teaches online workshops. Jan Wilder Bill’s fiction writing inspiration comes from traveling the world in search of purple foods and soaking up sun rays on watery escapades. She lives among lush beaches with powdery sand and is surrounded by sloppy doggy kisses.


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