Suzanne Jefferies is a romance novelist who has a writing voice with an energetic flare. Among her numerous awards, she’s been honored by the 2016 ROSA Imbali for excellence in romance writing, the 2012 Mills & Boon Voice of Africa, and the Silver Leaf for public relations. She’s had a vast array of experiences to incorporate into her stories, including writing a speech given by Bill Gates. 

J Wilder Bill: Suzanne Jefferies, what does it take to develop a writer’s voice with a personality that bounces off the page? 

Suzanne Jefferies: Being true to yourself. Everyone has their own way of speaking-their voice- and this is what translates in the writing. This includes things like word choice, sentence structure, and stock phrases. I know I say, Ohno all…the…time, and it’s crept into my writing. 

J Wilder Bill: What are your top three-pointers for writing romantic scenes that spark the mood without feeling robotic?

Suzanne Jefferies:

  1. Be authentic, and use your own emotional experiences to draw from.
  2. Make it about what the characters are feeling emotionally, rather than just focusing on the physical
  3. Let your characters be vulnerable

J Wilder Bill: Your stories have an exhilarating effect. As an author, do you set out with an objective to alter the reader’s outlook?

Suzanne Jefferies: To be honest, most of my stories are about me trying to deal with my own demons. If it works for me, it might – hopefully- work for someone else too. 

J Wilder Bill: How can a writer guide the reader to finish the story with the feeling she too had an experience with a lasting impression?

Suzanne Jefferies: Make sure the emotional impact and payoff is high. The higher the stakes and the harder the challenges or obstacles, the more rewarding when the HEA happens. We like true love to be hard won (in our fiction, not so much in real life).

J Wilder Bill: Your PR background is evident by your engaging social media marketing, the awards you’ve won, and the publishers you’ve attracted. Do you have a key ingredient for developing a positive online image that sparks the interest of agents, publishers, and readers? Is it the same for each?

Suzanne Jefferies: Funnily enough, I’ve never linked my PR with my marketing, but I guess that it would have an impact! I’ve been clear about what my work’s about, and have tried to align my writing with that. I write about what I love – family, writing, running and the great outdoors- which makes it way easier to stay aligned with positive content.

J Wilder Bill: Thank you for sharing your darling secrets, and best wishes for your most recent book, The Ex Factor

Love to know her better? You can learn more about Suzanne Jefferies here.

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