You caught yourself smiling through another Valentine’s Day and feel pretty good about yourself for the day, but can you keep up the warm feeling for another 15 days?

This doesn’t entail buying gifts each day. We aren’t talking about party favors handouts. No need to shake hands with anyone who offends your sensibilities. 

Today, your job is to: feel the love! 

Know it. Sense it. Savor the sensation.

Valentine’s is a celebration of the beauty we can experience. The purpose is to bring out the best in each of us. On this day, anyone who gets self-conscious about showing interest in another can step forward and get it out there in the universe.

The point isn’t to receive reciprocated feelings of affection. This isn’t about one person’s need for attention. 

It is for, one by one, each and everybody, to make a difference. Imagine the world if simultaneously, each individual expressed love. 

There would be a cumulative jolt of energy disbursed into the atmosphere. The energy would generate into shockwaves. The wavelengths would criss-cross and overlap, intensifying into an electrical current. The current would spark dead zones, jumpstarting them into refreshed life. The bursts of electricity would elevate the mood of everyone. 

No pressure. All you have to do, is feel the love. 

You aren’t expected to join any commercialized trickeries. Forget marketing ploys based on guilt. Just take a moment to sit back, and feel.

In what ways do you feel the love? 

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