Our changing times has prompted a re-awakening. It has allowed us the opportunity to return to the simpler life. Despite the inconveniences, and forgetting the isolation, the sidewalks are becoming more populated with walkies.

When I was growing up, I’d walk from early in the morning until dark. I’d go as far as I could imagine, in every direction. Sometimes the concrete would be hot on my bare feet. I’d get a sunburn. I explored roads too narrow for a car, and find pastures I never noticed otherwise.

In the past few months, I have returned to taking long walks. Each outing reveals unexpected treats. This hawk created delight in walkers when he was spotted perched above a pond. Noticing the beautiful anomalies in nature trains our minds to think creatively.

The fresh air clears the sinuses and lungs, as well as the head. It’s good to get outside, especially when germs are brooding indoors.

If you ever feel overwhelmed, or bored, or restless, consider the exercise that treats the body, mind and spirit. Go for a walkie, and note which treats you discover.

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