Exploring your neighborhood promises surprises. Set out on foot.

One positive change taking place across the globe is our having extra time to be present in our surroundings. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate our predecessors’ past.

Whether you are descended from the culture that lived in your area, or you are learning about their lifestyles now that you settled down, you made a choice on a subconscious level to continue their story. What can you bring to the table? How can you contribute to the foundations laid by your predecessors?

Keep in mind that although this is a time where we feel more isolated even if we have family by our sides, we are all here for a community purpose. Our individual paths build together a viable future. Change only takes place when as a community we decide to move in a different direction.

Finding the right choices can be hit or miss. A shortcut comes from connecting with our neighborhood’s past tribulations and resolutions. Each of us is helping one another in this global process for improvement.

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