Finally, something to look forward to! After months of dreading to leave my house, days of studying new restrictions, hours of reading innovative guidelines, we all have Autumn as motivation to carry on.

My roots come from the South. In the Delta, it was taught for us’ens to avoid anything to do with All Hallow’s Eve. Now, I’m not going to get preaching and share the reasons why. This is about celebrating the fact throughout history we all choose to celebrate.

Some can attach all kinds of gore to a day selected for an excuse to pamper kids with treats. Others can judge about the doomsday Second Coming on a night rejoiced with unbiased creativity. Halloween serves as an inspiration for us as a community to get through whatever crass world events we are facing.

There are those who decorate their yards with flare, and the kind who stick with modest lights in the kitchen. One child grabs a pillowcase and white sheet while another plans his costume down to the brass buttons and rolled socks.

Halloween is what you make of it. Even if you have disdain for those who predeceased us all, it is a time for neighbors to gather and for kids to stay out late on a school night. Adults get to share the joy of breaking free from their routines for one evening.

One neighborhood opens their doors to street parties. The local shopping centers offer freebies and a safe haven. Schools, well, they still give the same amount of homework. But the atmosphere buzzes.

This year, our home feels homier than typical, because, like all of you, we have reached that first hurdle of the holiday season. This is cause for baking and delighting and gathering. If the temperature drops, we will be snuggling under blankets as well. Until then, an extra pecan pie dish is in order.

Let this season inspire you to recall your family roots. Go back to the days where indulgence for a few hours one night was viewed as healthy for your mind and spirit. The focus wasn’t on whether a person broke a rule about one of the thousands of disciplinary topics we are all familiar with. For once, make this festivity about planning a nationwide party everyone is invited to attend.

This season’s challenge: Get Inspired to have Fun!

Fun never left. Merely our focus shifted to the doomsday perspective. But you can dress in whichever costume you want to bring into your life. T’is the season to celebrate.

Break out that fringe to add to your mask. Incorporate a character from history known for wearing a mask. Fulfill your dream to live in another’s shoes for a bit. The key it the anticipation. In anticipation, we are inspired.

This was the goal of the original concept of Hallow’s Eve. To put the hard work over the spring and summer behind, and celebrate the shift into a cooler months, less tension, and festive family time.

Anticipation is what creates inspiration. Give yourself permission to look forward to this upcoming holiday.

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