Life goes on. Rockets are being launched for a greater future. And an amazing now!

No matter how bad things get, someone out there is thinking forward. Someone out there is planning for a better tomorrow instead of getting wrapped up with the unpleasantries of today.

Let that someone be you!!

My grandmother would tell me stories of when my family lived through the Depression. She never seemed sad or remorseful.

She’d smile as she described my grandfather uprooting their family of five and relocating to a different state in search of work. He hit the pavement with only one leg. A man asked him why he thought he could find a job at such trying times. My grandfather said, “Because I’ve got three little mouths to feed.”

What resonated about my grandmother’s memories was the fact she told about the good times with the same emotion she gave the bad times. She viewed them as having the same weight.

For every hardship, there is a reward. For all the difficult years, there are prosperous ones.

When I see a rocket launch, I feel respect for the focus and time it took to reach that dynamic moment. Not everyone pauses from life when things don’t go the way a person wishes.

Make a point to launch your rocket today.

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