Cheerio! Savvy Author’s has graced me with a forum for teaching my course, Adding Funny to Your Romance, beginning May 3, 2021.

I love to laugh. My childhood nickname was “Giggle Box” because my giggle box would tip over and I couldn’t get it back upright. Once I got to laughing, I couldn’t stop.

My closest relationships are with those who make me laugh. When I recall my first memories of meeting people, it is the moment they put a smile on my face, or else I had to rest my head on my desk to hide my overturned giggle box from my teacher. Even those one-liners my friends used to tell me are my most notable recollections during the many years we stay in touch.

Love is bound by laughter. How can you really hold a grudge against someone who brings joy into your life?

I write with a goal to put a smile on the reader’s day. I’d aspire to elevate the reader’s outlook.

Brightening others day with your material will win them over. But why is this significant, because adding funny to your romance connects the reader with your characters?

We identify with others who have similar experiences. This is why family traditions and travel build ties. It’s the sense of survival we get from overcoming challenges we face.

We feel a bond with those who join us in a good laugh. Great minds think alike, right? And what better way to have a mutual mindset than by getting each other, knowing how the other person views life and processes events takes our relationships to a deeper level. We find ourselves being drawn to people who “get us” or understand where we are coming from.

Take a moment each day to spread the funny in your relationships. The little time it takes to put a grin on another’s face pays off ten-fold.

For all you writers interested in adding funny to your stories, please join me in my course, Adding Funny to Your Romance. I hope to see you there!



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Adding Funny to Your Romance

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