Anatolia, amateur treasure hunter, sailed the Caribbean until her sailboat was confiscated during a planetary shift, leaving her to protect her injured younger sister. Anatolia discovers a jeweled nautilus which she plans to sell to help her ailing sister. The sisters escape their captors and are rescued by teen sailors who are plagued by a curse against treasure hunters. 

Meanwhile, mermaids are outraged at the theft of their jeweled nautilus and set out to destroy Anatolia unless she returns it before the full moon. The romantic lure of a dangerous ex-love controls her thinking. Not respecting the power of Caribbean magic, she tries to manipulate them all to her advantage until she finally realizes she is the problem and she must make restitution to the sea, before all those she loves are lost. 

Romance and swash-buckle are brewed with supernatural adventure that delivers twists and turns to the bitter end.

Adventure Romance Apple Books

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