When I was a child, I explored the woods for hours at a time. I was intrigued by the paths carved by deer, startled by snakes basking in patches of sunlight, and awed by thickets shaped into fortresses. Many times, I joined my siblings and friends in tracking rabbits and ‘coons. At times were rode horseback or cruised around in six-wheeler amphibians. Other days, wild dogs followed us on foot. The woods provided an adventure for me, and taught me to appreciate the many aspects of life. Yet, where does the complex elements that form the peacefulness and dangerous forest begin?  

Every culture has crafted legends of the forest and most are interestingly similar to one another. Certainly, we all understand that life is energy but how does a cell transform into a growing plant? Radiation from sunlight mixed with miraculous water empowers that necessary spark. Throughout history, man has associated different expressions of such energy of life with characteristics and attributes. Personalities evolve in what are termed spiritual elementals.

Woodlands across the globe are known for housing playful elements. Legend and myths surround the distinct personality of trees.

Trees are rumored to provide gateways to a parallel world that man’s dense physical form is unable to see. The notable beings capable of moving from the tree’s spiritual plane to our physical Earth are described as being handsome human-like spirits. These spiritually conscious beings previously thrived during the Golden Era on Earth. They are making a comeback under the name, magical elves. They originally lived in the forests located in British Isles and Iceland. As developers destroyed woodlands, communities of wood nymphs relocated to uninhabited areas throughout the world but most joined other fantastical creatures in an elemental realm. Woodland elves possess qualities similar in guardian angels and are from the angelic realm.

Due to the large variety of elves, one species is as small as six inches while what man considers to be the traditional elves have a height over five feet. They are athletic, able to climb the tallest trees and outrun a jackrabbit. Don’t assume they have died off if you have never met one face to face, It is difficult to see the spiritual form of elves because they happen to be shape-shifters.

When they aren’t working their magic within another hidden realm, elves reside within the world of trees. Understand that trees are more than a trunk with branches and leaves. Trees are surrounded by auras or energy fields. Each type of plant emits a specific force field. Woodland elves, who are the tiniest breed, prefer moist furrows off the ground. Human-sized elves rely on narrow furrows with openings slightly  taller than their heights as entryways into their parallel world.

Elves are wise, spiritual beings who love music, art and creativity. They celebrate and perform rituals for pretty much every occasion. While they generously protect and breathe life into trees, they frugally apply their spiritual blessings to human needs. Instead, they limit their talents to those with loving intentions to care for and improve nature. If elves used their “magic” when the energy around them isn’t peaceful, their powers tend to harm nature, humans, or even themselves.

Native Americans adored nature’s energy. The many tribes recognized the spiritual presence of life, and legends grew from their meaningful explanations of how the world developed. The Seminole Indians referred to the beings who lived within thickets of tangled branches along hollow trees as the “este lopocke.” Their handsome woodland spirits had fine facial features, lean muscles, and stylish hair. These spiritual beings guided man with selecting plants to be used as medicine however they only appeared to those with well-intentioned hearts.

In this millennia, wood nymphs, este lopocke and elves make themselves known by reaching out to us. They are communicating a much-needed message about conserving our planet’s resources. Their intention is to re-educate us about how to care for Earth. Our planet, likewise, is full of energy, and while it provides a home to us, we should reciprocate by giving back. Elves and the spirit of trees respond to our desires to preserve our plant by expanding our spiritual awareness even further. In this way, woodland spirits aid man’s spiritual growth.

According to gurus around the world, man’s ever-evolving consciousness results into a greater universal respect for nature. The Go Green mindset has decreased man’s previously destructive habits. Angelic elves predict the end of the world previously anticipated will be delayed, thanks to our eco-friendly conduct. Earth will continue to provide man a safe and comfortable environment, giving man time to reverse any ill-fated acts. Word has it that around 2062, the elemental spirits are to reevaluate how man treats nature and assess ways to save the planet.

I invite you to experience the elemental energies in Kissy Me Away, my wood nymph fantasy where Native American spirits come to life. The story begins when a mystical book causes intuitive Lexie Wiggins’ loved ones to vanish, reeling her on a quest deep into the Everglades where she bravely faces Seminole spirits destroying Earth while discovering romance.

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