I am excited to share that my artwork Banana Bloom was not only selected to show at one of Central Florida’s premier events, Art in Bloom, but all proceeds benefited the Orlando Museum of Art. I’ve donated many pieces of artwork to worthy causes of the years. I’ve also orchestrated silent auctions on behalf of organizations, as well as won items I otherwise would not have splurged on.

This particular event is highly anticipated each year. Art in Boom is hosted by a committee of volunteers for Council 101. The group was established forty years ago by one-hundred and one civic minded do-gooders. This particular fundraiser encapsulated the broad spectrum of artistry from interior designers to floral arrangements to high-end dealers.

Art in Bloom is all about flowers for creating beautiful living and working spaces. Creative speakers are available for book signings and lectures. A champagne brunch is presented within an environment inspired by the key note interior designer’s signature style. Mystery House Tours provide a platform for decorating ideas. A light menu is available with one of the most popular treats being the unique desserts prepared by elite chefs.

Art in Bloom indulges all of your senses. Visual bursts and scents of blooms lure patrons into an otherworldly escape. Antiquing, quality shopping and fine dining join forces with floral arrangement classes and fine art. Here, artwork became one’s surroundings, leaping off the canvases and expanding throughout the gallery.

I am so excited to be included in this elegant event of the season — Spring season! Thank you, Art in Bloom!

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