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+ image of pink teacup rose

Find Beauty

Nature shares a procession of temporary gifts,as a longstanding balance against its rare tragedies.

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+ image of sign warning about alligators

Peek Around

Photo: Kraft Azalea Garden by J. Wilder Bill Peek this week.

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+ image of beautiful tree roots in Tahiti

Your Destiny

Trust the Path

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+ image of prayer card of Saint Michael

Archangel for Each Sunday

Archangel Michael battles beasts, and dragons with dark fangs.

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+ image of people on elevator in Dubai

Spread the Love

Photo: Burj Khalifa, Dubai by J. Wilder Bill Pedestrians: Spread the Love, Respect Other’s Space SaveSave

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+ image of Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska


Photo: Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska by J. Wilder Bill via Photo Challenge: Windows

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+ image of teacup Pomeranian at steps


The Daily Post Photo: Treasure Coast, Florida by J. Wilder Bill Waiting…

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