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+ Stephen Kurkjian at a book signing

Stephen Kurkjian the Mastermind: Presenting Complex Relationships

Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Kurkjian

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+ Playful couple

The Goals for a Blockbuster Beginning

As much as the hero longs for one thing, his weakness prevents him from having it.

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What’s Your Favorite Type of Romance?

The type of romance you love reveals the issues you are facing in your life.

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+ image of vintage typewriter taken at the Boston Globe

Writer’s Tips for Heroes with a Heart

Gestures reveal what the character is thinking, which oftentimes, you can add depth to his role by having them express the opposite of what he is saying.

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+ image of St. Andrews ruins in Scotland

Cas Peace on Medieval Storytelling

Peace shares how to craft a fantasy set in medieval times.

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+ image of a Goddess sculpture on Capitol Hill

Joyce Sweeney Rocks the Clock

Authoress, Joyce Sweeney, lives the hero’s journey with her writing.

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+ image of painting of manatee by J. Wilder Bill

Wacky Wheeler Hooks

Picture book authoress, Lisa Wheeler, hooks youngsters and their adult readers with snappy poems and ironic plots.

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+ image of Harry Potter coffee cup

Clarify the Scenes

A stimulating plot consists of twists and turns, ups and downs, highs and lows – all accomplished by variety in the types of scenes.

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+ image of tribute to authors who stayed at Monteleone Hotel in New Orleans

A Humdinger Ending

Endings can make or break an entire story.

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