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Love Your Body, Heal Your Mind

For every skinny person who feels overweight, there is a large-boned person who feels fabulous.

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The Purpose of Your Life

Not all suffering is necessary in order to ward off bad karma.

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Fast for Faster: Bring Your Prayers to Life

We are given experiences to deepen our understanding of ourselves and how we fit in the universe.

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Random Acts of Kindness

You can resolve conflicts through random acts of kindness.

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Tips on How Couples Stay Together

How exactly does a person establish a bond strong enough to survive the differences in opinions?

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The Momentum to Manifest

Significant experiences in our lives prompt us to reach outside ourselves for strength and comfort.

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Parallel Light Resolves Conflicts

We all have a parallel connection with light.

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A Puzzled Groundhog Means Romance

All wildlife, including birds, insects and mammals, react to the sunlight, and February 2 was selected as the decisive date.

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Trees Unveil Our Emotions

Trees provide lasting impressions in our lives.

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Join the World Peace Diet

Dr. Will Tuttle emphasizes the significance our dietary choices make in influencing worldwide harmony.

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Love Your Dream, Live Your Love

Bonding with the average man just for the sake of sharing an interest is an expression of love.

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What is Gratitude Really All About?

When looking for love, it’s useful to know the power of gratitude.

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