Inspirational romance incorporates faith into the character arc.

Imprint: United Methodist Publishing House 

Genre: Inspirational/religious nonfiction. Contemporary and historical Romance. 


Baker Books

Imprint: Bethany House

Genre: Romance 


Barbour Books 

Imprint: Heartsong

Genre: Romance and general fiction. 


Blue Swan Publishing

Imprint: Ten West Publishing

Genre: Young Adult, Sweet Romance, Mystery, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Inspirational and Christian


Blushing Books

Imprint: Wicked Velvet and Wicked Castle

Formats: eBooks, Print

Genre: Romance, all levels


Christian Books Today

Genre: Christian and Catholic Fiction and Nonfiction. 

Desert Breeze Publishing

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction, Christian, Young Adult, New Adult.

eLectio Publishing 

Genre: Christian

Eshcol Publishing

Genre: Christian Fiction 

“a strong message of redemption, forgiveness, and Jesus Christ.”

Genesis Press

Imprint: Indigo, Indigo After Dark, Love Spectrum 

largest privately owned African-American book publisher in the country. Genre: Suspense, Sci Fi, Christian Romance and Nonfiction.

Highland Press

Genre: Christian, Historical, Mysteries, Young Adult, Fantasy, Nonfiction, Children’s, No Erotica

Award winning anthologies


Howard Books

Imprint: Simon and Schuster  

Genre: Christian 


Peace in the Storm Publishing

Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Romance, Self Help, General Fiction, Street-lit, Erotica, Nonfiction and Christian.

Pelican Book Group Christian Fiction

Imprint: The White Rose

Formats: eBooks

Genre: Christian Romance



Imprint: SynErotica

Formats: Electronic publishing, CD-ROMs, Audio, Paperbacks

Genre: Christian, Romance, Mystery, Fantasy, Paranormal, Western, Native American, Non-fiction

Thomas Nelson

Imprint: HarperCollins, a leading trade publishers in the United States. 

World’s largest Christian publisher. 

Formats: eBooks, Digital

Genre: Christian fiction, Bibles, Journals

Thorndike Press 

Imprints: Gale

Formats: Print and hardback editions, Libraries

Genre: Fiction, Non-fiction, Christian


Touchpoint Faith

Imprints: Touchpoint Romance, Red Writing Hood Ink

Formats: Digital, Print, Fiction and Non-fiction

Genres: Romance, Fiction, Non-fiction


Tyndale House Publishers, Inc

Imprint: HeartQuest

Genre: Romance, Christian, Nonfiction, Children’s, Bibles


V-inspire Publishing

Imprint: Vintage Romance Publishing

Formats: Paperback, eBooks, Audio

Genre: Young Adult, Middle Grade, Historical, Family, Southern Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy, Literary, Inspirational

Specifics: protagonists over the age of 45, family friendly stories



Imprint: Harper Collins

Genre: Christian