Amador Publishers

Format: eBook

Genre: Southwest, Romance, Fiction

Amber Quill Press 


Formats: eBooks, Paperback

Genre: Romance, Erotica

Amphorae Publishing Group

Imprints: Blank Slate Press – Historical, Crime, Contemporary, Mystery, Thriller, Literary

Walrus Publishing – SciFi, Romance, Regional, Humor

Treehouse Publishing Group – Picture Books, Middle Grade, and Young Adult, Non-fiction

Acquired Goldminds Publishing

Genre: Literary, Romance, Historical, Sci Fi, LGBTQ, Mystery, Thriller

Arrow Publications, LLC

Genre: Romance, Heat Levels

Beacon Publishing Group

Award-winning, independent publisher

Format: eBooks, Audio

Genre: Young Adult, History, Romance, Mystery, Horror, Comedy

Belgrave House


Out of print books

Formats: eBooks

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Mystery, Contemporary, Historical, Regency, Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance



Imprint:  Bell Bridge Books, ImaJinn Books

70 – 80 titles per year

Format: eBook, Print

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Young Adult, Romance, Southern, General Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Literary

Black Letter Media

Afrikan writers.

Format: eBook, Paperback

Genre: Afrikan stories

Black Lyon Publishing, LLC 


Format: Electronic

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Paranormal, Historical,. Inspirational, Adventure, Literary, Novellas 

Black Rose Writing

Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Romance

Black Velvet Seduction 

Genre: Erotica, Sweet, Romance, Suspense, Supernatural, Thrillers, Contemporary, Action



A leading independent publisher

Imprints: Bloomsbury Academic and Professional, Bloomsbury Spark, Bloomsbury Information, Bloomsbury Adult Publishing and Bloomsbury Children’s Publishing.

Genre: Adult Fiction, Young Adult

Blue Crow Books

Small, traditional, independent press

Formats: Print, eBook

Imprint: Blue Crow Books – adult Fiction

Goldenjay Books – Young Adult

Snowraven Books – Adult Non-fiction

Blushing Books


Formats: eBooks, Print

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Historical, Sci Fi, Fantasy, LGBT, Christian

Bold Strokes Books

Genre: LGBTQ, Romance, Mystery, Intrigue, Crime, Erotica, Speculative, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror, General Fiction, Young Adult

Formats: Print, Digital, Audio

Boroughs Publishing Group

Formats: eBooks

Genre: Romance, Historical. New Adult. Fantasy, Erotica. Dystopian, Paranormal,. Suspense, Thriller. Urban Fantasy, Young Adult, LGBTQ, Novellas, Short Stories

Bullitt Publishing


Format: Print-on-demand

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Heat Levels

By Light Unseen Media

Independent small press

Genre: Vampire, Folklore, Romance

Canterbury House Publishing

Format: eBooks

Genre: Wholesome, Inspirational, Romance, Northern, Suspense, Mystery, Southern

Carnation Books

Independent publisher

Format: eBooks

Genre: LGBTQ, Romance, Fantasy, Fandom

Champagne Books 


Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Erotic, Suspense, Fantasy and Historical 

25,000 to 80,000 words

Changeling Press


Formats: eBooks, Paperback 

Genre: Romance, Dark Fantasy, Action Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Fetish, LGBTQ, Futuristic, Heat Levels


Imprint: Ruby Fiction

Formats: eBooks, Print

Genre: Fantasy, Contemporary, Thriller, Fantasy, Historical, Chick-lit, Mystery

Clean Reads


Formerly, Astraea Press


Genre: Romance, Young Adult, New Adult, Drama

Cobblestone Press, LLC


Format: eBooks, Print

Genre: Sensual, Erotica, Romance 

10,000 to 100,000 words

Curiosity Quills Press

Genre: General Fiction, Romance, Young Adult, Post-apocalyptic, New Adult, Sci Fi, Thriller, Zombies

Decadent Publishing


Genre: Romance, Short Stories, Heat Level


Divertir Publishing


Independent publisher

Format: Print on Demand, eBooks

Genre: Young Adult. Mystery, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Short Stories

Divine Destinies


Imprint: eXtasy 

Format: Digital, Audiobook

Genre: Heat Level, Romance, Steamy, Sweet

Dreamspinner Press


Dreamspinner Press – Gay Romance

Harmony Ink Press – LGBTQ+ Teen and New Adult

DSP Publications – Genre Fiction

Genre: Romance, Mystery, Young Adult, LGBTQ, Contemporary

Echelon Press 


Small press

Formats: eBooks, Print on Demand

Genre: Romance 

Elm Books

Independent publisher 

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Sci Fi, Fantasy, History

Evernight Publishing


Format: ePublishing

Genre: Romance, Sensual, Light, Heat Levels, Contemporary, Dark


Imprint: Devine Destinies – sub genres

Formats: eBooks, Audiobooks

Genre: Erotica

Forever Yours


12,000 to 100,000 words

Imprint: Grand Central Publishing, Hachette Book Group, Forever

Formats: eBooks, Print on Demand

Genre: Romance, Cowboy, Contemporary, Suspense, Historical, Diverse, Paranormal

No Young Adult, Fantasy, Mystery, General Fiction

Genius Book Publishing

Genre: Speculative Fiction, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Post-apocalyptic, Superhero, Mystery, Thriller, Romance, True Crime

Grand Central Publishing


Imprints: Formerly Warner Books, then Time Warner Book Group. Now, Hachette Livre, Hachette Book Group USA

Nicholas Sparks, James Patterson, Sandra Brown and David Baldacci are New York Times bestselling authors

Genre: Commercial, Romance, Adventure, Women’s Fiction

Grey Gecko Press

New authors.

Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook

Genre: Romance, Sci Fi, Fantasy

House of Erotica

Genre: Spicy

Inkspell Publishing


Genre: Romance

Specifics: Unlikely heroes

Joffe Books

Formats: eBook

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

John Hunt Publishing

Imprint: 24 imprints

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Christian

Specifics: Mid-list books that cross boundaries

Kensington Publishing


America’s independent publisher

500 books annually

Imprints: Citadel Press, Dafina Books, Zebra Books, Pinnacle Books, Brava, Aphrodisia, K-Teen 

Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, eBooks

Genre: Women’s Fiction, African-American, Multicultural Young Adult, Western, Mystery, Romance

Library Tales Publishing

Independent publisher

Lore Lush Publishing

Formats: eBooks, Print

Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy, Cross-Genre

Specifics: Diverse heroines, Alpha heroes, Exceptional characterization

Love Knot Books

Formats: eBook, Print

Genre: Romance, Novellas

Specifics: Outstanding plots, Narrative and descriptive language. No erotica.

LoveLove Publishing

Small publisher

Genre: Suspense, Dramas, Comedies, Epic, Romance, Thrillers

MB Publishing, LLC


Genre: Young Adult

Melange Books

Formats: eBook, Print on Demand

Genre: Romance, Sweet, Sensual, Erotica, Western, Sci Fi, Horror, Contemporary, Chic-lit, Men’s, Women’s Fiction, Action-adventure, Speculative, Drama, LGBT, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult

Mills & Boon


MLR Press 


Genre: GT Romance, Erotica

Mocha Memoirs


Genres: Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Diesel, Punk, Alternate History, Westerns, and Mash-ups.

Moonshine Cove Publishing


Formats: eBook, Print

Genre: Adventure, Action, Historical, Mystery, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Thriller, True Crime, Legal

New Concepts Publications


Formats: eBooks, Print

Genre: Romantic, Sci-fi, Futuristic, Historical, Contemporary, Paranormal, Short Stories

NineStar Press

Formats: ePublisher

Genre: Romance, Erotica, LGBTQA+

Oak Tree Press

Independent publisher of 300 books

Genre: Occasionally publish Romances, Westerns, Children’s, Young Adult

Overlook Press

Imprints: Abrams, Black & Ruth, Cameron, Booth-Clibborn, Cameron Kids, Getty, Alain Ducasse. Lucky Spool, Ludion, Tate, Veendome, Museum of Modern Art. V&A, Obvious State

100 books per year

Formats: Hardcover, Paperback

Genre: Romance, History, Biography, Drama

PageSpring Publishing

Independent publisher 

Imprints: Cup of Tea, Pagespring, Lucy Marble

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult

Pelican Book Press

Imprints: Harbourlight Books, White Rose, Pure Amore, Watershed, Prism

Formats: eBooks

Genre: Romance, Holiday, Christian

Polis Books

Independent publisher

Imprint: Agora

Formats: Print, eBook

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery

Ravenswood Publishing

Independent publisher 

Genre: Fiction and Non-fiction

REUTS Publications


Genre: Young Adult, New Adult, Romance

Riptide Publishing 


Genre: LGBTQ, Romance, Erotica

RockHill Publishing

Indie publisher

Genre: Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, and Sci Fi

Rogue Phoenix Press

Formats: eBook and Print

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Sartoris Literary

Traditional publisher 

Genre: Southern, Fiction, Non-fiction

Science Thrillers Media

Genre: Fiction and Non-fiction, Science, Medical

Severn House 


Genre: Library copies and large-print editions, Romance, Out of Print 

Shalako Press

Small independent publisher

Genre: American Western, Historic, Contemporary

Siren Publishing


Formats: eBooks, Print

Genre: Romance, Erotica

Specifics: Happily Ever After. Romance is 70% of the plot. No characters under 20 years old 

Soul Mate Publishing


Formats: Electronic, Paperback

Genre: Romance 

Sourcebooks, Inc 


Imprint: Casablanca – 85,000 to 100,000 words

Genre: Young Adult, Commercial, Literary, Romance

Southern Yellow Pine Publishing

Southern Authors

Imprint: SYPm Kids

Spencer Hill Press


Independent publisher

Genre: Young Adult and Adult Contemporary, Romance

Specifics: No Urban Fantasy or Paranormal. Prefer series.

Thorndike Press 


Imprints: Gale

Formats: Print and hardback editions, Libraries

Genre: Fiction, Christian

Tirgearr Publishing

Imprint: City Nights/Knights

Formats: eBooks

Genre: Thriller, Sci-fi, Mystery, Fantasy, HEA, HFN

Tiwaz Press


Small publisher 

Genre: Fiction, Short Stories

Totally Bound Publishing

Imprint: Pride Publishing, Totally Entwined Group

Genre: Romance, Erotica, Sweet 

Totally Entwined


Genre: Romantica

Touchpoint Press


Imprints: Touchpoint Faith, Touchpoint Romance, Red Writing Hood Ink

Formats: Digital, Print, Fiction and Non-fiction

Genres: Romance, Christian



Formats: eBook, Print

Genre: Horror, Comedy, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Western, Zombie, LGBT

Tule Publishing

Imprint: Muse, Southern Born, Montana Born, Texas Born, Eros, Holiday, American Heart

Genre: Southern Women’s Fiction, Romance, Commercial, Cozy, Mystery

Uncial Press

Genre: Romance, Regency 

UrbanEdge Publishing


Small, traditional publisher

Genre: Drama, Crime, Mystery, Romance

V-inspire Publishing


Formats: Paperback, eBooks, Audio

Genre: Young Adult, Historical, Family, Southern Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy, Literary, Inspirational

White Bird Publications

Independent publisher

Genre: Young Adult, Romance

WiDo Publishing

Family-owned, 12 – 15 per year

Genre: Literary, Romance, Fantasy 

The Wild Rose Press


Formats: Electronic, Print

Genre: Sweet, Erotica, Romance, Mainstream, Women’s Fiction

WildBlue Press

Indie publisher

Genre: Romance, Thrillers, Mystery, History, Sci Fi, Fantasy, True Crime

Wild Child Publishing

Small independent press.

Imprint: Freya’s Bower

Genre: Romance, Erotica

Wordwooze Publishing

Formats: eBooks, Audio

Genre: Mainstream Fiction, General, Romance

Zumaya Publications


Imprint: eXtasy Books

Formats: Paperback, eBooks

Genre: Romance


Resources for locating publishers include, the following:

Australian Publishers

Canadian Romance Publishers

Christian Publishers

Digital Only Publishers

Romance Publishers

United Kingdom Publishers

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