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+ image of an angel in white robes

Archangel for Each Friday

With every Friday I find the grace of God in the form of true love.

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+ image of angel in green robe

Archangel for Each Wednesday

Wednesdays are the special day for chatting with a chummy friend.

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+ image of stain glass window of Archangel Chamuel

Archangel for Each Tuesday

As God’s favorite, Archangel Camael gives tolerance ‘cause’s he’s kind.

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+ image of angel with banner

Archangel for Each Monday

Archangel Gabriel holds a flame, governing Eden’s hidden gate.

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+ image of prayer card of Saint Michael

Archangel for Each Sunday

Archangel Michael battles beasts, and dragons with dark fangs.

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+ image of angel lights at castle in Scotland with J. Wilder Bill

Archangel Raziel Shares Secrets

Dreams appear as theater productions but with deeper emphasis on personal perspectives.

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