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80% True Love

If one doesn’t figure out relationships, then he has never lived.

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Random Acts of Kindness

You can resolve conflicts through random acts of kindness.

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+ image of Japanese light trees

Parallel Light Resolves Conflicts

We all have a parallel connection with light.

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+ image of sign in Tennessee mountains

Join the World Peace Diet

Dr. Will Tuttle emphasizes the significance our dietary choices make in influencing worldwide harmony.

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+ image of sailboat at sunset in Clearwater, Florida

Know Who to Love

Photo: Clearwater, Florida by J. Wilder Bill Favorite Photo of 2017  

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+ image of people on elevator in Dubai

Spread the Love

Photo: Burj Khalifa, Dubai by J. Wilder Bill Pedestrians: Spread the Love, Respect Other’s Space SaveSave

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+ image of teacup Pomeranian at steps


The Daily Post Photo: Treasure Coast, Florida by J. Wilder Bill Waiting…

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+ image of polar bear mother with cub in water in San Diego

Love Life

Two wrongs do not make a right.

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