I am excited to have my artwork, Peach Palm, available through The Gallery 32789’s online auction between now and April 4, 2023, in support for the Winter Park Crew Team’s incredible achievement of qualifying for second season in England’s Royal Henley Regatta. In June 2022, Winter Park Crew won the Prince Philip Challenge Trophy’s second place out of twenty-seven teams and this year they are aiming for even greater success.

The Gallery 32789 is hosting the Across the Pond Art Party with a live auction, greet the artists cocktails and catering by George’s Cafe, on April 4, 2023, beginning at 6:00 pm.

Details about the event and images of the artwork can be found on their website. Bidding begins now.

Tickets to attend are available online and at the event. The ticket values and artwork purchase prices are tax deductible through Crew Boosters of Winter Park.

Reaching finals at the Royal Henley Regatta’s six-day event is a treat. Patrons are encouraged to wear club blazers and bright sundresses with chic straw hats and neutral purses. Summer shades of aqua, pastel pink, British blue, off-white, and coral are suitable themes.

Make reservations for outdoor table dining on white lawn chairs, or enjoy pastries with cocktails. Of course, afternoon tea with finger sandwiches and sweets are in order. Moorings can be booked ahead of time, allowing parties to gather on boats along the water course for a close up, personal view.

The Royal Henley Regatta began in 1839 and has grown into “the most prestigious regatta event in the world.” Over three-hundred thousand spectators attend along the River Thames, while luxury reclining is available downstream from Henley-on-Thames on Temple Island.

The regatta is organized by Steward membership with an eight-year waitlist.The Monarch upon Accession provides the honor of Royal Patronage, so for goodness sakes, master that curtsey ahead of time.

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